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Pineapple Citrus

Pineapple Citrus

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Waves crashing below you as you take in a perfect Hawaiian sunrise on the horizon from your balcony. The sun is welcoming you, just like the pineapple, the Hawaiian symbol for "welcome" and "friendship". This luscious soap delivers top notes of pure-scented pineapple with citrus mid notes. Oh, we can't forget to mention the oh-so-right hints of sweet floral, as well. 

Fragrance: Top notes of pure-scented pineapple with citrus mid notes

Ingredients: Every batch of soap includes the following ingredients: organic Shea butter, hemp oil, olive oil, soybean oil, coconut oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, water, and sodium hydroxide.

Specific batches of our soap contain: Fragrance, sea salt, juniper berries, ground oatmeal, and activated charcoal

All of our bar soaps come individually packaged in BIOFIN material with a wrapped label containing ingredients, size and fragrance.

Organic Shea butter is in every bar of soap! Our soap is made from a completely unique formula and the ingredients are earth friendly. 


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