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Selgado Gold Necklace

Selgado Gold Necklace

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The Selago Necklace has been named after the coral species Acropora Selago. The design features a 3mm natural rich red garnet stone and branching coral pattern with delicate metal balls decorating the tear drop shaped boundary of the pendant. The pendant has been carefully hand brushed to an elegant matte finish. The pendant rests on a 44cm long delicate polished cable link chain featuring small metal balls and a 5cm chain extender featuring our logo. The pendant and chain have been crafted from sustainable recycled 925 sterling silver and 18K gold plated.

Every purchase contributes to protect our precious ocean ecosystems and wildlife, though BoldB’s support of the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

Measurements: 30.9mm high, 18.9mm wide

Minimum chain length: 44cm

Maximum chain length: 49cm

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